VALLON Sunglasses


VALLON Sunglasses

Inspired by past explorers, adventurers, and mountaineers, the performance eyewear brand VALLON launches today in North America. The family-owned company combines old-fashioned designs with high-performance materials, celebrating alpine heritage with classic sunglasses and goggles.

Founded by brothers Richard and Marcus Franck, VALLON offers a wide range of sunglasses and goggles inspired by ski history. They’re designed for ski touring, summer hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The Heron Glacier Glasses

Based in Verbier’s Vallon d’Arbi, VALLON is a new performance eyewear brand paying homage to ski culture. Bringing vintage styles with 21st-century materials, VALLON’s sunglasses and goggles update ski heritage with modern design.

The Heron Glacier glasses, inspired by past explorers and mountaineers, are a classic mountaineering-style frame with leather side shields to protect your eyes from overhead and reflected snow glare. The Heron Glacier also reduces eye strain and glare from the sun on long days of skiing or hiking, thanks to its anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses.

The Heron Glacier is made of TR90 polyamide and is extremely lightweight, making it a comfortable pair to wear during any activity. Moreover, the frames can be adjusted to fit any head size with their adjustable temples and nose pads.

The Ski Aviators

VALLON is a new Swiss-based sunglasses and goggles brand that pays homage to the style of the past by updating old ski and mountain gear with 21st-century materials. Its latest offering is the Ski Aviators, which pay homage to the original aviators worn by Robert Redford.

They’re lightweight, have a comfortable fit, and are compatible with helmets. They also offer polarized lenses, which minimize glare and help to contrast different textures.

The frames are made from cellulose acetate, which is non-petroleum based and hypoallergenic. The mirror-coated lenses filter out UVA and UVB rays to keep your eyes protected and reduce eye strain.

For additional protection, they’re fitted with photochromic lenses, which adapt to the changing light conditions in the mountains. They can transition from category 2 to category 4 in 22 seconds, allowing you to adjust your sunglasses for the best fit and visibility.

The Freebirds

VALLON’s Freebird goggles are a tribute to the sleek, minimalist design of ski goggles from the ’70s. They feature a spherical construction, triple-layer foam, and anti-scratch lenses to ensure safety, performance, and comfort.

The Freebirds also feature a multi-colored striped strap, which is a throwback to 1970s racing goggles. The frames are made from impact-resistant nylon lenses and cellulose acetate, which gives them a lightweight feel.

During their feud with the Von Erichs, the Freebirds would split victories around the ring, sometimes resulting in double disqualifications or draws. This, combined with Fritz’s willingness to allow them to get one over on his boys (especially in the Six Man Titles), created a rivalry that was arguably one of the most important in pro wrestling history.

The Surf Aviators

A classic frame with a polarized lens, the Surf Aviators combine the best of 70s ski sunglasses with everything modern sunglasses need. They’re made from durable and hypoallergenic acetate, come with a polarized lens, and have unapologetic confidence.

They’re also a lot of fun to wear. The frames are crafted from a flexy cellulose acetate that’s non-petroleum based.

The lenses are polarized and offer 100 percent UV protection, surpassing industry standards. They also feature ChromaPop(tm) to deliver color and contrast-boosting performance, so you can see every crevasse, wind drift, and terrain feature.

The Howlin’

For the man who likes to go trail running in the morning and hit a wedding party at night, these VALLON Sunglasses bridge the gap between high performance and good looks. Their curved lenses protect against side glare and offer 100% UV protection.

This is thanks to the non-petroleum-based cellulose acetate frame and its premium finish. They’re also lightweight at 28g and impact-resistant for outdoor sports. The Howlin’s come with a detachable head strap that helps them to stay on your face. They also have polarized lenses that help to reduce glare.

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