XPPen is one of the top brands under HANVON UGEE, integrated with digital drawing products, content and service as a globally notable digital brand of digital art innovation.

Founded in 2005, XPPen is committed to accumulating resources and improving quality to better serve artists. Its aims are to become the world’s leading brand of tablets for digital drawing and exibiting, with newest technology to bring a new experience of digital desenho to all the people.

XP-Pen is a brand of Hanvon Ugee

XPPen HANVON UGEE is a global brand integrated with digital drawing products, content and service. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, China and boasts 6 overseas subsidiaries (branches) and more than 50 agents covering over 130 countries and regions with its products.

The XP-Pen tablet series is an excellent tool for students to add some creativity and spontaneity to their online learning or flipped classroom experience. This device allows students to write, draw and incorporate color into their writing and drawing, giving them more flexibility to express themselves.

XP-Pen is a subsidiary of Hanvon Ugee, which is a Japanese company that has one of the world’s largest pen tablet markets and was founded in 2005. With the help of Hanvon’s technology, capital and management expertise, XP-Pen continues to improve its products and provide the entire world with better services and customer support.

XP-Pen is a subsidiary of Hanvon Ugee

XP-Pen, a subsidiary of Hanvon Ugee, is a well-known manufacturer of digital graphics tablets. They design, research and develop products that bring the latest tools and technology to the world of digital drawing.

Founded in Japan in 2005, XP-Pen has been a successful brand that has gained popularity among artists worldwide. They offer both a premium tablet line under the Xencelabs brand and a more budget-friendly lineup under the XP-Pen name.

XP-Pen also offers a variety of accessories that can enhance the performance and value of their products. The company’s professional team is dedicated to delivering innovative products that are designed to make every artist’s creativity come alive.

XP-Pen is a manufacturer

XPPen, a subsidiary of Hanvon Ugee Group, is a global manufacturer of digital drawing tablets. Founded in 1998, the company is a leader in the development of digital tablets, pen display monitors and light pads.

The company’s professional team is committed to innovation and brings tools, technology and value to the digital tablet market. Currently, XP-Pen offers several different types of graphics tablets, including those designed for beginners and advanced users.

In 2019, XP-Pen became a subsidiary of Hanvon Ugee, a company that is also known for producing quality drawing tablets. Hanvon Ugee has a long history of manufacturing and developing digital products in China.

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XP-Pen is a retailer of digital drawing tablets

If you’re looking to buy a digital drawing tablet, then XPPen is one of the best places to look. They offer a wide range of devices to suit different needs, including options for both beginners and professionals.

These tablets are designed to let you bring your ideas to life on screen, so you can work with whatever inspires you and have it appear in front of you. The tablet’s touchscreen is sensitive to pressure, so you can draw with ease and accuracy. XP-Pen also provides a wide variety of integrations, making it easy to use with a variety of mobile learning platforms and classroom tools. These integrations include Zoom, XSplit, Twitch, WizIQ, Idroo, Scribblar, and Udemy.

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